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Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist
Certified Divorce Mediator

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

telehealth or in-person| psychotherapy | interventions | couple or family intensives | divorce mediation

Compassionate, client-centered

I'm passionate about helping couples and families thrive. I enjoy working with clients who want to improve their relationships (even divorced couples who are coparenting.) I am experienced with working with autism spectrum, ADHD, infertility, adoption, multi-racial families, divorce mediation, and coparenting. I am also trained in CBT-I for insomnia. I have experience working with people struggling with addiction, and those who love them.

believe that therapy should be tailored to the client and their needs, and not the preferences of the therapist. Therefore I take an eclectic approach, using modalities that are specific to the issues being presented. I draw from psychodynamic theory, experential therapy, family systems, and cognitive behavioral approaches.


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ITherapeutic intensives are an incredibly effective way to get the benefits of years of therapy in the course of a few days. Intensives usually involve 3-4 full days dedicated to deep therapeutic work, and are an ideal way to work through marital issues or  family crisis. Intensives can occur at my office in Southern California, or near your own home. 

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Marriage + Family Therapy
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Divorce is an incredibly difficult time, and can be made all the more difficult with attorneys who increase the conflict and strip away at your finances. Flat-fee divorce mediation is an option for couples who want to work collaboratively to come up with agreements and solutions that are best for the children.

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CBT-I for Insomnia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is a structured therapy that addresses the underlying thoughts and behaviors contributing to sleep disturbances. It combines cognitive therapy techniques with behavioral interventions to improve sleep patterns and quality.

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Speaking + DEI Training
Couples Counsling

I have been in practice for over 20 years with a specific focus on marital relationships and family relationships. I love working with couples and helping them create connection and reduce conflict. I also love helping parents find better connection with their kids.

I provide therapy sessions devoted to integrating the insights and experiences acquired from psychedelic journeys, fostering personal growth and healing from these transformative experiences. NOTE: I do not provide any resources or referrals related to obtaining illegal substances.

I am an experienced speaker on topics around mental health and relationships. I also hold a certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and enjoy leading trainings in educational and corporate settings on reducing bias and fostering inclusion.


19712 MacArthur Blvd #100, Irvine, CA


My office is located in the Ethera Therapy building in Irvine. For more specific info and directions, click below.

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kristen howerton orange county couples counseling office.jpg


  • 50 Minute Session: $225

  • Divorce Mediation: $350/hour or $1500 flat fee divorce

Payment options:

  • Venmo: @kristenhowerton

  • Paypal: @kristenhowerton

  • Zelle:or credit card: inquire for details

Book Now

Book a free consultation. Or an appointment.

Feel free to book a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we might be a good fit. Or, if you feel ready to start, you can book an appointment directly from this page.

I am dedicated to providing therapy that is inclusive, trauma-informed, LGBT-affirming and anti-racist. I continue to seek ongoing education in this effort, most recetly receiving my Certificate of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from Cornell University.

Diversity, Equity
and Inclusion


Contact Me

19712 MacArthur Blvd #100, Irvine, CA

Tel: 714.798.4089

My office is located in the Ethera collective of therapy suites in Irvine, CA, near Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Tustin. The best way to reach me is via text at the number below.

For more information on getting to my office, click here.

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