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Therapeutic Intensives

A 4-day intensive therapy program can be a highly effective way to address specific mental health or relationship issues. Here are some potential benefits of intensive therapy as compared to traditional weekly therapy:

  1. Immersive experience: An intensive therapy program typically involves several hours of therapy per day over several consecutive days. This immersive experience allows for a deeper dive into the issues being addressed and may lead to more significant progress and breakthroughs.

  2. Focus: In a traditional weekly therapy session, there may be a lot of time spent catching up on the events of the past week. In an intensive therapy program, there is more time available to focus on specific issues and work through them in depth.

  3. Reduced distractions: When attending weekly therapy sessions, it can be difficult to fully focus on the therapy process due to the many demands of daily life. An intensive program can help to minimize distractions and allow for more focused attention on therapy.

  4. Greater sense of progress: Because of the immersive and focused nature of an intensive therapy program, participants may feel a greater sense of progress and achievement than they might in traditional weekly therapy.

  5. Cost-effectiveness: While intensive therapy programs can be more expensive upfront, they may ultimately be more cost-effective than traditional weekly therapy. This is because participants may be able to achieve significant progress in a shorter period of time, potentially reducing the overall number of therapy sessions required.

Couples Intensive

A couples intensive can be effective for a couple wanting to incease intimacy, deal wit a crisis or betrayal, or improve their confliect resolution.

Family Intensive

Family intensives are helpful for families where there is a lack of connection, mistrust, or families wanting to work through a conflict or stressful situation.

Divorce Intensive

A divorce intensive can involve helping parents learn to communicate and coparenting, or it can include the kids and help a family proces and find their new normal. 

Schedule a free consultation to discuss a couples or family intensive.

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